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Brilliant piece. You summed it up perfectly. Daniel Penny murdered Jordan Neely in cold blood. The length of the chokehold and standing over his dead prey when he was done while pushing would-be helpers away is all the evidence they need. This was NOT manslaughter and yet that’s the charge. Such an insult to the Neely family, including Jordan’s mother Christine who was also murdered (by her boyfriend) in a cruel and ironic twist when he was just a teenager which I’m sure contributed to his downfall. Pathetic on so many levels.

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Great writing

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100% murder! Based on what's been publicly released, US Officials got it right!

How we do it Canaduh:

More recently I was actually attacked on the street by some guy on meth (or other substance) and was struck in the head several times before I even had opportunity to react or knew what was going on. I put him down in seconds and he got back up like a zombie; I manhandled him for a couple more seconds then took him to the ground. As he was trying to bite at me, I moved into back control and put him a choke hold (the guy was literally doing pushups with 100kg on his back) - the choke was also only enough to incapacitate and not kill him.

Funny enough when the EPS finally showed up, the Edmonton Oinking Piglets, who love to hate me, detained me (charges still pending) and released the violent offender back into the neighbourhood (and while the EPS is at that the forefront of media claims that downtown Edmonton is dangerous).

Strategy of Tension: a Fascist's favorite political play for more funding and authoritarianism.

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Making a two thousand word meal out of a 100 word comment should put you on the stand as a witness except for the fact you are biased and just as ignorant as the rest of us.

What did you come up with in order to save passengers in future that the people in charge of New York need to put into practice?

I must have missed that bit.

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> until the homeless are physically segregated away from the rest of the population, subway riders will occasionally have to murder them.

Until armed citizens and unarmed citizens are able to segregate, defending yourself from a threat on an underground railway system is a lottery in a democrat US city.

>until the homeless and threatening are physically segregated away from the rest of the population, subway riders will occasionally have to murder them, it goes with the territory. Defunding police on public transport systems should be a crime. Refusing to prosecute criminal activity should be the crime of treason as well as aiding and abetting crime.

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Obviously, the charge *should* be murder. Perhaps it was unpremeditated, in that Penny *probably* didn't contemplate killing someone on the subway that day, but it was murder from the first moments of confrontation. How dare a Black man yell like that? How dare he make other people uncomfortable?? This is totally disgusting - and what's worse is that someone will make the argument that Penny was just defending his freedumbs & rights even after Neely was dead.

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