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What People Are Saying

“Clear, sharp, moral commentary and journalism, and a vital voice promoting a world of justice in a spirit of universal humanity.”

A.R. MoxonRacket Subscriber

“Jonathan M. Katz marries history and journalism in his always engaging newsletter, which puts current events into their proper context with a keen intellect and stylish prose. Katz is nobody's fool, and that makes his regular warnings about the danger to democracy both urgent and timely.”

Casey NewtonEditor, Platformer

“I ran across your work looking for info on Haiti, then read your excellent book on Smedley Butler. I've appreciated your recent well-documented and very personal posts on the violence in Israel and Gaza/West Bank. Thanks for your reporting!”

Lauren MartensRacket Subscriber

“I subscribed ... at the highest annual rate on the strength of Katz's writing on Smedley Butler & the Business Plot”

Spencer AckermanPulitzer-Prize winning reporter, writer of Forever Wars, Racket subscriber

“You seem no-bullshit and I'd rather be disturbed by the truth than comforted by a lie. I appreciate your earnest perspective, rich historical grasp, and nuanced views.”

Jason AylsworthRacket Subscriber

“[Jonathan Katz] has a fantastic newsletter.”

Jamelle BouieNew York Times columnist

“Incisive and valuable voice in the current meltdown.”

Jeb B.Racket Subscriber

“It's a pleasure to read you, Mr. Katz! We always need people like you who stand up for humanity and our long and shared struggle to build a better world, one step/post at a time.”

MadhiRacket Subscriber