On Sunday, exactly halfway between the resounding Conservative Party victory in the soon-to-be-less-United Kingdom and the impeachment of Donald J…
Amid the spate of mass shootings last week, Saturday’s massacre of at least 22 people at a Walmart in El Paso posed a particular problem for…
Trump’s failed efforts to cover up the scale of the epidemic in the United States is why a complete economic shutdown was necessary in the first place…
Everyone loves content, I hear. Well, here’s some.
A podcast I’d never heard of before stole my work. I’m not alone.
It's still just vibes in search of a hypothesis
Some service journalism about some (potential) service journalism
Three weeks ago, dear reader, I had a stroke. Believe me, I was surprised as you are. On an inauspicious Friday, I went to bed at two in the morning, a…
In this week’s Long Version I cite my fellow Substacker Emily Atkin, whose newsletter, Heated, has become an indispensable daily read on the most urgent…
Have some extreme reactionism you need to sell? Call the politics desk of the New York Times.
Or how liberals become reactionaries
Sometimes, history changes unexpectedly toward the good. And then, powerful people with something to lose try to change it back.