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LAST CHANCE: Save 20% off a Racket subscription!

This is it. Your last 24 hours to save 20% off a full subscription to The Racket. And it’s only available to you — my friends on the free list:

I’ll be honest with you about why I’m doing this. Ten years ago, I left the world’s largest news organization — the Associated Press — to write my first book. I decided to stay out on my own and stick it out as a full-time freelancer. I have been successful. But the journalism industry has collapsed around all of us.

Newsletters like The Racket are a new business model, one with the promise to support independent writing and reporting outside corporate strictures and the roller coaster that is major media these days. A lot of the newsletter money and attention out there is going to fire-starters and trolls. But there are some of us trying to use the medium to do the kind of responsible reporting and analysis we’ve done for years, this time directly to your inbox. Your support makes that possible.

Your paid subscription will give you full access to subscriber-only podcast specials like this one, where I take you behind the scenes of the making of Gangsters of Capitalism:

And weekly subscriber-only posts like this one:

And above all my (and my family’s) thanks. Get your discounted subscription here:

Thanks and be well.


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