This newsletter reads YOU

Please open! I want your feedback.

When I started this newsletter two and a half years ago, email newsletters weren’t really a thing yet, or at least not a genre. Some saw them as a potential return to the glory days of blogging (an era I missed out on as I was busy being a “respectable” wire reporter at the time). This seemed exciting, as did the potential of setting my own publication schedules and earning a steady living working for myself.

Now I’ve finally finished writing my upcoming book (Gangsters of Capitalism! You can preorder it!) and turning back to newslettering full-time. In the hopes of making this publication as awesome as possible I would like to invite you, my discerning readers, to share your thoughts in a short survey:


Basically I want to know:

  • What do you get (or would you like to get) from reading a newsletter from me?

  • How often would you like to see it come out?

And so on. I’d also love to hear what might convince the five thousand(!) of you on the free list to bump up to a paid subscription. I’m trying to keep all regular issues free, so they can be widely read, with as few economic barriers as possible. But I depend on the subset who generously chip in to allow me to do this work. So would you want (some) members-only content or discussion threads? Giveaways? More persistent begging? All ideas welcome.

All right already take me to the survey!

And if somehow you’ve happened on this post and want to learn more, well …

Thanks as always,